Racism: changing mindsets in a social media age

You can’t just pick and choose the months not to be racist. We have all know about racism for years, decades, centuries not just summer 2020. It’s not a secret that people are racist, it’s not a secret that people of colour are disproportionally affected in the justice system. Racism isn’t about donating, racism is [...]

‘Good guys’ don’t rape

Just because you’re rich, educated and from a good family does not mean that you are a ‘good’ person, and should not permit you with the faculties to escape a rape conviction or any other criminal offence. Money, education and reputation do not equate to goodness. Having read multiple articles where rapists have been let [...]

How I Obtained 8 Mini-Pupillages

Firstly, I would like to say that obtaining a mini-pupillage at first was not easy, it was a long and difficult process which took a LOT of trial and error particularly with my CV and cover letter structure and wording. At first, my CV was 3 pages long and that was the first mistake as [...]