Want to know more?

Welcome budding lawyers, lawyers, students and those with a legal interest. If you have come across this blog, I believe that it because either a) you have a legal background and/or are interested in learning more about current legal affairs, my struggles to become a legal professional and my academic pursuits or b) my blog just popped up randomly on your feed.

Whether you are in fact interested in the law, this blog aims to provide you with some insight into the legal profession, academic legal studies and current affairs.

As a future lawyer myself, path undecided, I am constantly evolving my understanding whether it is in relation to a politico-legal sphere or the economic-legal sphere, which I believe are both linked and interchangeable. This blog has and will allow me and future readers and current readers to learn, enhance and develop their current understanding of the struggles and challenges of the legal profession and affairs.

A bit about myself: As an aspiring lawyer in my postgraduate studies of Law, I have a wide range of personal and academic curricular ranging from aerial fitness and waterpolo to being a member of the debating society and model UN society. I am the Campus Ambassador for The Lawyer Portal and Legal Cheek as well as the Student Representative for Amicus ALJ as well as the Postgraduate Law Representative for my University’s Law Society. I volunteer at the Personal Support Unit and Employment Law Clinic and for the Innocence Project. I am interested in public law and more specifically public international law.