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Having obtained an LLB at a top 30 UK university and paralegalled at a top 100 UK law firm, I sought to enhance my legal knowledge by studying International Commercial Law at a top Russell Group university at Postgraduate level. Due to commence the Legal Practice Course (LPC, MSc) (Accelerated) this August at BPP (Holborn)Screenshot 2019-02-25 at 15.40.10.png I am keen to develop and enhance my legal knowledge with a view to obtaining a training contract.


GraduLaw began in May 2018 as a small blog called ‘The Graduate Lawyer’ which detailed commercial affairs, insights into the legal industry and legal studies. After almost 10 months, GraduLaw developed into a consulting and information styled legal website, providing guidance and coaching to students seeking a career in the legal industry.

May 2018- February 2019GraduLaw has since grown to attract more than 700 readers per month and now has employed Campus Ambassadors and Content Creators to promote the blog to students at their respective institutions.

GraduLaw has now introduced the AIM programme with a sight to develop students’ existing skills and prepare them for writing applications to law firms, attending interviews and enhancing their commercial awareness.

GraduLaw has readers from across the world, from India to Australia and further. Due to increased social media campaigns on both LinkedIn and Instagram, GraduLaw now has a far wider reach and has a following of more than 300+ people.

GraduLaw aims to grow and create more programmes to attract students and improve their employability and increase their chances of entering the legal profession. Our next goal is to obtain more than 1000 readers of the blog per month.

We hope that you enjoy our blog and continue to spread the word of GraduLaw.