Racism: changing mindsets in a social media age

You can’t just pick and choose the months not to be racist.

We have all know about racism for years, decades, centuries not just summer 2020.

It’s not a secret that people are racist, it’s not a secret that people of colour are disproportionally affected in the justice system.

Racism isn’t about donating, racism is a mindset that won’t go away just because people donate.

In order to for racism to be eradicated we have to change mindsets.

It’s all fair and square making a social media post, but what do you do in your day to day life, how do you treat people who don’t share your skin tone?

I’ve seen plenty of white people using this an opportunity to show how “understanding” they are but why are you not more outraged on a day to day basis?Why are your posts only up this week? Do you not care the other 364 days? I’ve seen plenty of articles, videos, books about the way black people have been and continue to be treated and marginalised by white people yet very little  discussion normally.

You should be outraged everyday not just for a social media post!

This is an ongoing battle for black people who face racism on a daily basis for years, not just May 2020. So if you’re truly outraged change mindsets daily.

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