‘Good guys’ don’t rape

Just because you’re rich, educated and from a good family does not mean that you are a ‘good’ person, and should not permit you with the faculties to escape a rape conviction or any other criminal offence. Money, education and reputation do not equate to goodness. Having read multiple articles where rapists have been let off on a lighter sentence it angers me, and it should anger you too. Rape is disgusting and anyone who commits rape should be punished for the maximum sentence because it is wrong. There should be no exceptions and unfortunately, it appears that there are exceptions permitting people to escape sentencing.

In the news recently there have been quite a few articles and posts relating to men who are accused of sexual assault, being “good guys” and this is simply not the case.  You are not a good guy if you rape someone, especially when they are unconscious, drunk, or incapacitated or even if someone does not consent. In order to have sexual relations with another person, there must be consent and if there is not that can amount to sexual assault. Consent is important and must be given. However, it appears that consent is not needed when the person committing the rape is wealthy, educated and from a good family because that, in essence, makes them a good person.

Below, I explore 2 case studies about men who have sexually assaulted women, and the judge has and had essentially let them off based on their “good guy” persona.

The case of Prachur Shrivastava

A former med student from Canada was found guilty of sexually assaulting a woman, A (unnamed due to a Canadian court rule protecting her identity) one night in 2014. What is truly astonishing in this case, is that the lawyer argued that Shrivastava fell victim to temptation, and thus should receive a lenient sentence. Firstly, I was to address the fact that his lawyer argued that he fell victim to temptation. The temptation to what? Rape? Just because you are tempted does not mean you should rape someone, he should know better, after all, he was studying to be a doctor. Furthermore, who in their right mind, after knowing that he can be tempted so easily to rape someone, would not only hire him to be a doctor in a surgery with patients. (There are, indeed, many cases, where doctors, yes doctors, have been found guilty of sexually touching women whilst owing them a duty of care. In one such case, a doctor who was supposed to perform breast examinations was in fact, gratifying himself.) Moreover, in the case of Shrivastava, his lawyer argued that the med student had raped the unconscious women since he could not resist the opportunity due to the stress of “leading an exemplary life.” Exemplary does not constitute rape. Unconsciousness is not an opportunity. There is no opportunity when someone is unconscious to then proceed to RAPE someone. I am astounded, his lawyers even argued that there is and should be in a court of law NO exceptions to rape. If someone rapes someone, they are not good, they are not nice and they should not be trusted around people. People who rape are evil, calculating and disgusting humans who should be punished for what they have done. Having volunteered at the Personal Support Unit, I heard many stories where women had been raped by their PARTNER, someone who is supposed to love and care for them but instead hurt and abused them. Rape is not a nice thing, and just because someone is stressed, lonely, or whatever else should not mean that they should rape someone else for their own personal gain.

The case of the 16-year-old boy from a “good family”

I want to start by saying that you cannot be from a “good family” if you think raping someone is okay and any judge with an ounce of common sense would know that. A New Jersey judge argued that a teenage boy accused or rape should get leniency because he is from a “good family.” In 2016, the judge denied a request for the 16-year-old boy to tried as an adult. I can only imagine what the girl must have felt when she found out that the judge was pushing for leniency based off hiss background, there should be no leniency for a rapist, It was argued that he came from a good family and went to an excellent school, firstly, he couldn’t have come from that good a family and school to have raped someone and believe that his actions are okay. Secondly, he filmed himself raping her. That is even worse, he knew what he was doing and continued, captioning the video “when your first time is rape.” DISGUSTING, I personally believe that the judge should be jailed too, not only is he essentially saying that rape is okay if you’re from a good family and school, he is diminishing the girl’s’ feelings and enabling a rapist to continue in his pursuit. I could not and cannot believe what I read when I first read the article, it really does not surprise me that people are often too scared to report rape, not only are the victims suffering physically and emotionally but the judge’s and lawyer’s and the perpetrators are essentially laughing in the victims face when they push for leniency, they diminish the victim. When a teenager, adult or anyone RAPES another they should be tried as an adult and punished severely.

Rape is wrong and if you know anyone, have suffered first hand or are interested in knowing more, make sure to check out the https://rapecrisis.org.uk/ website for more information.

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