5 Reasons To Get Involved With The Law Society

As the Postgraduate Law Representative, I am both a member of the university’s law society and on the committee. Being a part of a society, particularly the university’s law society is a great way to show to future legal employers that you are motivated to pursue a career in law and enthusiastic about it.

The law society can provide many opportunities for budding young lawyers to get involved and learn more about the current legal market and climate. Joining the law society is a great way to meet new people too, I have met lots of new friends through joining societies and regularly taking part in them.

Below are a few reasons why you should get involved with your university’s law society:

  • Leadership position

Being a committee member takes up a lot of time and devotion particularly because you have to attend regular meetings, create, host and organise events for the members as well as promote the society to students in order to increase membership. Being President or Vice President of the society is probably the hardest and most challenging because it involves coordinating with law firms, other societies and organisations. However, the feeling of accomplishment outweighs the challenges. It is a great way to demonstrate to law firms a variety of skills that they require and illustrates to them that not only are you a hard-worker but that you are also keen to take initiative.

  • Teamwork

Being part of a society is a group thing, it illustrates that you are able to get along with others, handle criticism in a calm manner, connect and build relationships with others, this is pivotal for a future solicitor and even barrister. Being a solicitor means that you will be working as part of a team, you will most likely have paralegals, partners and trainees with you and surrounding you and assisting in the completion of your work and so it is important that you are able to get along and work well with others.

  • Demonstrates passion and enthusiasm in the law

This is pretty obvious, if you’re involved in a society it is normally because you are interested in the things that they do and offer.

  • Networking opportunities

At my university, being a part of the law society provides students with MANY opportunities to network with solicitors and barristers, whether it be a dinner, a mini-golf trip or cocktail making classes. Law firms work closely with a lot of law societies to be able to provide these opportunities to students as not only fun ways to learn more about the firm but as a way for the firm to get to know you. I would highly recommend attending these events and making full use of the opportunities they offer. They are very valuable and important ways to connect with your future colleagues.

  • Many opportunities for mooting and negotiation and commercial awareness related competitions

Law societies are a great way to compete in mooting and negotiation competitions. There are many opportunities to develop your advocacy and negotiation skills. If your university law society does not offer these opportunities maybe you could be the one to start them!

If you’re looking to become a lawyer, making joining your law society a priority!


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