Story-time: That Time I Turned Down The University of Durham

You’re probably sat there reading this like WHAT THE F**K JESSICA?! But you’re reading it right, yes, I turned down the University of Durham for Cardiff University.

Durham University is a top 10 university and top 100 university globally, it is also one of the Russell Group universities and  it is internationally renowned for its law courses and many students only dream of studying at Durham. It is a tough institution to get into, for their LLM Law course they require a high 2.1 (65%+). I am not certain of their deadline, but if you choose to apply,  make sure to check their website.

Cardiff University is also a top UK university and global university, it is also part of the Russell Group and is also internationally renowned for its law courses. Cardiff University also requires a 2.1 undergraduate result for entrance onto their LLM Law courses.

So here’s the story…

So, back in February last year I received three acceptances for my LLM Legal Practice Course from, Swansea University, Cardiff University and the University West of England. I choose those places because I wanted to get as far away from home as possible! Simple. Having been accepted by all three I choose Cardiff University to study the LLM LPC, I paid my £1,000 deposit, at this time I was also working in Cardiff as a Paralegal at Hugh James, so my reasoning behind Cardiff was the convenience for work and other things. Sounds great, well, I then decided I no longer wanted to do the LLM LPC and decided to  apply for the LLM in Law at Durham and Cardiff, I was accepted to both of course. So, Durham had basically got back to me 5 months too late and by that time I was locked into Cardiff this was due to the deposit being non-refundable and my housing had already been sorted, basically, my accommodation was all paid for and I was tied into it.

Moral of the story, apply early for things even if you’re not sure you want to do it, you may later change your mind and regret it. That said, I don’t regret going to Cardiff University for my LLM, I don’t regret changing to the LLM either, I will still pursue the LPC just a year later and hopefully with a training contract secured, however, I am still yet to find the perfect firm to apply to. I am also not quite set on what I want to do after I graduate my LLM, I think I’d like to go travelling and see the world before I tie myself into the LPC and a training contract.

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