A Week In The Life of A Postgraduate Law Student

So, it’s been a while since i’ve written something for my blog, but there’s a reason- I have been incredibly busy managing university, work, having a life and learning a new language. Anyway lets get into the blog post about a week in the life of a postgraduate student.


On Monday, I don’t actually have any lectures however, I do have seminar prep and just general tasks such as organising a plan of action for the upcoming week. So on Monday, I just prepped for my Commercial Arbitration seminar by watching the lecture online (since I have 3 hour seminars and no lectures, I watch the pre-recorded ones as prep).


Tuesday’s are seminar days, every Tuesday from 2pm till 5pm I have a Commercial Arbitration lecture. It takes me about an hour via train to get to my university and so I wake up about 9am and get ready to leave to catch my 12.30 train. My morning routine typically consists of shower, eating and deciding what to wear although, I mostly wear the same clothes! Having reached my destination on the train, I take a short walk to the campus and then to the classroom where my class is and wait patiently for the lecturer and other students to arrive before sitting down to a 3 hour seminar. The seminar usually consists of group work and a small break for 10 mins. I typically then go to the library and pick out some books for the upcoming seminar prep and additional reading. Takes a while to find a good read particularly if the book I desire to read has already been taken out by another student. Following my library check, I then make my way either to Subway or Costa for some food and then walk back to the train station to catch my train back home. When I get home about 6.30/7, I then like to relax and tend to watch a film or netflix show, perhaps a gym session if I’m not too tired and then eat and bed.


I have no seminars on a Wednesday, normally I wouldn’t attend university, however, this week I had a negotiation competition at 11am so I woke up early about 8am and then left the house by half 9. After the competition, I made my way to the library to pick up a book I had reserved and then as I do on a Tuesday I went to Subway to get some food and made my way home. After I arrived back home, I actually had some seminar prep to do for my seminar on Thursday and so I spent most of the evening watching a money laundering documentary and reading the Money Laundering Directives 1-6. I have really been lacking on the gym, however, I bought myself a at-home bike to cycle, so some evenings when I have some spare time I may utilise that as opposed to the gym.


Seminar day! Thursday’s are my Money Laundering and Financial Crime seminars/lectures, my favourite module. Like Tuesday’s my seminar begins at 2-5pm, and so I tend to leave the house at the same time, however, one crucial difference is that I have Beginners Spanish classes from 7-9pm at university, so I stick around for 2 hours in the library doing some studying and prep for Spanish or my modules. After my Spanish class I then go home, and by the time I’m home it’s 10.30/11, depends if I get the train in time. When I arrive home, I typically just relax and watch Netflix as I am so tired from the journey and classes.


Friday is a weird day, it really depends on my mood as to what I do on a Friday, some times I am scheduled to work from 6-late at my Bar job and some days I have the entire day off. Today I went to Cardiff to get a new laptop as my old laptop is so old it’s battery needs replacing again and it’s not worth it as the last time I had it replaced the computer repair guy found it difficult finding a battery and said it would cost more to repair than it’s worth. Tonight, I am relaxing, whilst writing an article and watching The Bucket List on Netflix.


Work. Saturdays are reserved for work, always working at my bar job. I usually work from 6pm- 1am, or 12pm-6pm, really depends on what shift my boss delegates to me. To be completely honest, my boss can schedule me to work any day during the week, it is really quite varied and differs from week to week, but for the last few weeks I have been scheduled to work on a Saturday only.


Sunday’s are the same as Saturdays, but if I am not scheduled to work, I tend to do some uni work or article writing for The Lawyer Portal, which reminds me that I also have an article to write for Amicus ALJ. If you haven’t checked out my previous articles, you can find them linked below.


Articles I have written for The Lawyer Portal:

Exactly how legal are drones and should this change? https://www.thelawyerportal.com/2019/01/31/how-legal-are-drones-should-this-change/

How can the Pegasus Access Support Scheme help you?https://www.thelawyerportal.com/2019/01/23/how-pegasus-access-support-scheme-can-help/

‘Tis the season [to obtain a mini-pupillage] https://www.thelawyerportal.com/2018/12/25/tis-the-season-obtain-a-mini-pupillage/

What I learned from my Foot Anstey networking experience https://www.thelawyerportal.com/2018/12/18/what-i-learned-from-my-foot-anstey-networking-experience/

Supreme Court reverses Reams’ murder conviction                                    http://www.amicus-alj.org/news/newsletter-november-2018

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