Update 15/01/19

It’s the new year, I have also surpassed the 9 month period with this blog! I have finally finished my International Humanitarian Law coursework and my Consent to Treatment coursework for my masters. I was up until 7am this morning editing and correcting my coursework. I have also been at my job for just over a month now, really enjoying working behind the bar, meeting new people and of course making cocktails, which I have perfected! I have changed my modules for next semester too having realised that I am not as interested in human rights law as I once thought I may have been. The modules I have chosen are Money Laundering and Financial Crime and Commercial Arbitration.  I start back at university at the end of January so I pretty much have so about 2 weeks or so of just relaxing, watching Netflix and singing to my favourite songs. Not that I don’t do that normally, but the past few months have been particularly stressful due to uni with the added pressure of a part-time job and extracurriculars.

I am scheduled to attend an insight evening tomorrow at Macfarlanes, my dream law firm (in the UK), and I also have another insight day at Shoosmiths in Reading on the 23rd January as well as an insight day at Michelmores on the 21st January. Whilst I am excited that I have been accepted to all these UK insight events, it has never been my desire to live in the UK long term after qualification. With the end of my academic career less than a year away, I have started to research the nuances involved with practising law in another jurisdiction, as has always been my intention, to do so in Australia.

This week is a pretty uneventful week, I have work on Friday and Saturday and have to write two articles for The Lawyer Portal. So, I shall spend the rest of today catching up on my TLP duties and then tomorrow I will be heading to London for my insight event.

Anyway, don’t forget to look out for another blog post here soon!


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