How Do I Successfully Apply For An Insight Day

Insight days are vital in the legal industry in any career path you intend to take, whether barrister or solicitor. Insight days allow you to connect and engage with current trainees, partners, associates, and the recruitment staff and find out what they really look for in an application for a training contract or pupillage. The insight days/ open evenings/ events/ networking events I have attended really do prove significant when it comes to explaining your reasoning for choosing a specific firm, not only can you ask questions and see the firm but you can meet people who currently work there and see whether they’re a good fit for you and you’re a good fit for them.

I must say since attending these events, I have found that a lot of firms just don’ suit me and I don’t suit them. I remember thinking before attending the events that I was going to definitely apply for their schemes and then after the event thinking I am definitely not going to apply for their schemes. I remember attending some events thinking I will not like this firm, and leaving it loving the firm and what it stands for.

So, how do you go about making a successful application?


Well to start with research the firm, dependant on how you apply most law firms will either ask for a CV and cover letter or for you to apply on apply4law. Regardless of what it is you will need to show some enthusiasm for the firm prior to applying and this can be shown throw effective research. Understanding what the practice areas are, what key cases they have recently dealt with and their rankings in legal directories. Research also helps when you actually attend the events and have to network with them, it enables you to ask effective questions and sound knowledgeable.


Make sure you check your application for grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, make sure that everything makes sense and that you constantly link your interest in the firm back to your own personal interests and the reasons you are applying.


Do you meet the entry requirements, if not maybe reconsider as it is unlikely that you will pass the first stage. Do you have any experience to evidence your interests in law? Have you got any extracurriculars that make you stand out? Make sure you know yourself and write a list of things/ achievements of yours so that when it comes to applying and filling out the form you have things to say and evidence it to.

Finally, don’t forget to send off the application in time! Send it before the deadline as some firms start checking ages before the deadline and you stand in better stead if you have sent it off early.

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