What Is Law?

Law was never a path I had thought of before applying to university, in fact, I applied initially for the History and Politics course, of course, you can kind of draw parallels and see a progression between the subjects, however, it wasn’t until I had completed a months work in a high-street solicitors firm the summer before attending university that I actually contemplated the idea. During that month, I did basic tasks such as filing, organising documents, photocopying, printing, answering calls and sometimes attending court and even completing legal documents and registering land on the land registry site. Working in a high street firm is clearly very different from that of a city firm, but nonetheless, I was inspired. I called up my university in the final week of my time at the solicitors and changed my course to Law with French and the rest is history.

A law degree is not difficult, what is difficult is maintaining motivation whilst reading 20 articles and 5 different textbooks and on top of that reading various legislations. I would never say that I thought law was hard, the concepts were pretty simple and the cases were fairly interesting. For some reason, I did quite well in Equity & Trusts and Land Law, I can’t say that they were the most riveting and interesting courses or topics but I seemed to have had a natural flair for them. I never really enjoyed EU law or Tort law, hated those topics, maybe it was the lecturers, but most likely it was the content. I did, however, think that Public law was somewhat intriguing, I suppose it is what led to study modules in my LLM and in my third-year electives loosely based around public law.

I think the one main thing I got hung up on was that the only law to go into was criminal, oh how wrong was I, there are so many different areas. For example, intellectual property, private equity, maritime law and medical law. And no, the list doesn’t stop there. I suppose when I applied to university and even in my first year and I would say that the same applies to many other law students I and we mostly thought that the only law was criminal. I suppose that’s because its the most common type of law around, but we encounter law every day.

Whether you’re driving down the street, entering a shop and buying products, visiting a friend in a hospital, making an advanced decision on treatment, buying a car, selling a house, renting a property. Everything is entangled in some sort of regulation and law. Law is fascinating for all of those reasons, reasons we never even consider, we just take for granted.


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