What To Expect At A Law Firm Open Day

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending an open evening at Foot Anstey in Bristol. The event only lasted a couple of hours and consisted of looking around the firm, meeting current trainees, partners and associates as well as the graduate recruitment team. Open days are great ways to find out more about the firm, learn more about what a trainee does and what to expect should you apply.

Foot Anstey open evening

I arrived at Foot Anstey at 4.50pm, 10 minutes before the event. It is important to arrive early just for good manners, I made my way to the third floor and collected my name tag from the reception staff, I then placed my bag and coat in the cloakroom and took a seat with budding students and future trainee hopefuls. We had small conversations and then were informed by a partner to make our way to the room where the event was being held.

We were then separated into 3 different areas of groups of no more than 8-10 students sat together with 2/3 Foot Anstey employees, ranging from the HR team to trainees and associates.

The evening started with a 10-minute talk from a partner, who discussed the training contract application process, the firm and its goals, a few insights from current trainees followed by the firms’ expectations of future trainees. Once that concluded, we were then allowed to chat in our small groups sort of like speed networking, with 4 10 minute blocks to ask questions and find out as much about the firm as we could, we moved seats every 10 minutes.

Once the “speed networking” had finished we then were taken through to the reception area for networking and drinks and nibbles. I spoke to a few partners and trainees and was able to gain an insight into the firm. It was a very enjoyable event and I definitely think that attending the event helped provide me with an understanding of their training contract and the goals of the firm.

My top tip for future trainee hopefuls would be to talk to everyone and anyone at the firm and prepare questions to ask them, find out as much as you can to create a well-prepared application form.

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