The Journey Begins

I thought that I’d kick this blog off with an article about myself and the direction of this blog.

So without further ado…

May you always do what you are afraid to do

My name is Jessica, I am a recently graduated law student. I am 20 years old and currently seeking employment within the legal profession. I am an aspiring solicitor and I am to practice in the areas of medical negligence as well as criminal law. Now that I have graduated I am just not realising how difficult obtaining a job in the professional sector is. It most definitely isn’t easy!

I started this blog with the intention of informing and enlightening others of the realities of a recent law graduate who has just now entered the daunting legal world and wants to take over.

This blog will not only be an expose on my life in the legal world but will contain advice, legal news, information about the universities I have attended, the LLM LPC course and general legal jargon.

I thought the above quote was fitting with this first article because blogging about the law is very new and daunting especially because I have never endeavoured to write about issues pertaining to law before other than in an essay which is very different to writing articles.

I will aim to write one article per week about a matter pertaining to either my career progression with advice or an issue of law.

For now, I am going to research some legal matter and make a plan of action for the next article.


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